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Dalrymple Gravel and Contracting has purchased a small narrow plot of land between 2 residential neighborhoods to build a rock crusher and quarry. There is land surrounding us in the hill country and they choose to place it on a deadly stretch of highway between 2 neighborhoods and across the street from another quarry.

This will affect our air quality, property value, traffic accidents and our overall livelihood. They will not comment AT ALL as they are northeast based and are only in texas because of greed. They have no ties to our community and only have their sights set on money.

We have tried to reach out to them multiple times. They have used shell companies and business names in order to go unnoticed which in itself is very dishonest and says a lot about their core values as a company.

Word spreads fast out here in our small community and them not addressing any of our concerns is essentially admitting to destroying this community all for money.

It is absolutely despicable. Please do not ever work for or with this company.

Reason of review: destroying our property value.

Monetary Loss: $500000.

Preferred solution: DO NOT BUILD.

  • Greed
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Can't believe this company has no regard for people. All they want is money.

To put a quarry in the middle to 2 subdivisions is not being neighborly. There are lots for sale where the CEO and others from Dalrymple can move to get close to the action.

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